Blue Pottery in Pakistan

Blue Pottery in Pakistan

Pakistan has a very rich culture. It has such diverse culture that the visitors fall in love with the country as soon as they land. A very important aspect of its culture is the blue pottery. Blue pottery in Pakistan is internationally acclaimed. There are a lot of people selling blue pottery from Pakistan to other countries.

These are mainly made in Multan and Bahawalpur Pakistan.

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What is Blue Pottery?

Blue pottery is a form of art that is common in China, Pakistan, and India mainly. People paint white ceramic pots with their hands. Its patterns are usually flowers and leave beautifully drawn and hand-painted by the craftsmen. This pottery is mostly blue and white. These craftsmen dwell in the very rural areas of Pakistan. Yet they manage to pull off very intricately designed phenomenal pieces of art. The pieces that are admired and sold are like hot cakes internationally.

Blue pottery is present in every household in Pakistan, those who don’t have it admire it. The pottery includes all kinds of ceramic pieces. Mainly the items are Lamps, plates, dishes, hanging plates, vases, etc.

Let me show you some very beautiful art pieces. These pieces are readily available at many places in Pakistan.


These Vases are the most beautiful part of Blue Pottery. They are the pieces that speak for themselves. The appreciators are present all over the world.

blue pottery in Pakistan

Blue pottery is done in various other colors but blue and whites are the predominant colors of all.

blue pottery in pakistan

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Blue Pottery also includes Lampshades as well as lamp bases which look extremely appealing to its viewers. Lampshades are also made from either camel skin or any other material like jute that goes through a process and is made into a shade which then is hand-painted by the craftsmen sitting in very rural areas.

The craftsmen are not paid that well and the people commonly buy at cheap prices and resell them internationally/nationally. Although the skills and efforts required in making this pottery are huge. Great delicacy is involved in making these pieces of art. We request the buyers to purchase them at a decent amount of price so that they also come out of poverty.

Blue Pottery Dishes

Blue pottery dishes are extremely beautiful. They show the class and good aesthetic sense of both the buyer and the designer. The dishes are not only aesthetically appealing to people of good taste but also look good on the table.

This unique piece of ceramic handicrafts serves several purposes. They can be used as decoration pieces, for food serving, and as well as wall hangings.

blue pottery dishes


These plates come in all sizes serving as well as dinner plates. These plates look amazing at the dinner table. They create a whole different aura altogether. Makes the feel so formal and royal. These plates are also in small bowls for dessert and sweets.

best dinner plates

Blue Pottery Wall Hanging

Blue pottery wall hangings are extremely beautiful. They give a room the most aesthetic look. Wall hanging also comes in various varieties and their intricate look adds decency to the room decor they are placed in.

blue pottery wall hangingTo end this article, Blue pottery is a great and expensive way to enhance the look of your home. The interior of your house is enriched. It depicts your sense of style. It adds a wow factor to your house while maintaining decency. The laborers who paint their hearts out on the pottery should be paid more for their efforts. Blue pottery is a growing industry in Pakistan. We should all support the industry by Purchasing as much as we can.

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