Best Saree brands in Pakistan 2022-23

In Pakistan, Sarees are trending these days. Almost all weddings have one day in which all the women wear Saree. Women are looking for the best hustle-free branded Sarees ready to wear. This article is all about the best Saree brands in Pakistan 2022-23. Many brands are offering Saree collections this wedding season. Here are the top 5 brands in Pakistan having Sarees.

The saree was once considered to be the dress for elder women but these days saree is the choice for almost all age groups. Many beautiful saris are available currently in almost all the brands. The saree is suitable for almost all occasions be it weddings or other informal and formal events.

Tie and die and two shades silk saree is the current trend. Many Pakistani celebrities chose to wear saree at numerous events. These celebs not only became trendsetters but also the designs they choose to wear became their personality styles. Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omer, Mira Sethi, and many others chose to wear Saree and became trendsetters and set an unmatched legacy.

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Sapphire is offering very pretty and gorgeous saris. They have banarsi sari as well as chiffon material. The colors they have are all vibrant and elegant. Women of all ages can choose to wear this beautiful attire.

pakistani brands with saree

Maria B.

Maria B is one of the leading brands in Pakistan. This brand is among trendsetters in the fashion industry. Maria B has launched various luxurious saris and all those designs have proved to be the most popular ones.

Here are some of Maria B’s most famous Sari designs. All of them are famous among ladies of all ages be they, girls or women.

|Maria B Sari collection

Tena Durrani :

Tena Durrani Saree’s style is very unique and very graceful. This brand has several unique designs to offer. Tena Durrani has a very chic style which is the choice of many fashionable and elegant ladies. The brand has introduced various epic designs over the years.

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Teena Durrani 2023 saris


It is a very renowned brand that has evolved over the years. Generation is among the top brands offering unique day-to-day wear for Pakistani girls. This brand is known for its distinctive take on style and fashion. When all the brands were busy designing short shirts and three-piece usual attires. Generation was the only brand which introduced long locks and long shirts which were considered unique. People readily accepted it because it was different and comfortable. Similarly, Generation has now introduced saree in daily wear. The designs are very simple yet elegant. A little high on the price tags though but women of taste will still buy them.

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generation sari designs 2023

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