Benefits and difficulties in early marriage in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country so are its people. People are willing to adapt more western inspired concepts of living. Young generation is more open in adoption of western concepts. The educational institutions are also modernising with time and so are the faculties. There are lesser restrictions from the parents and teachers.

Our social media also is promoting a new concept of living for the younger generation that is marrying early. At early age an individual is more inclined towards what is trending ,people start to follow what the new trends and adapt them without even putting their thoughts into it.pakistani couples

This article will deal with the perks and drawbacks of marrying early so that everyone can decide with a much clear mind as to what’s good or them and what’s not. Lets first know the meaning of marrying early, the ages from 16 till 22 are considered as early age for marriage.

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Starting with the perks of marrying early:asian wedding

Nikah is Halal Relationship:

As Pakistan is an islamic state nikah in islam is mandatory for a relationship. The biggest advantage of nikah is that it adds the blessings from Allah. The barkat is added in the relation.

Be with the person you love:

When an individual falls in love and decides to be with someone then its better to marry him/her to lock them down and give your 100%. This is the best feeling in the world.

Achieve your goals together:pros and cons of early marriage

When married the couple chooses and achieves their life goals together as a team it results in a stronger bond. There’s always someone to look up to when its not working that good and cheer you up when you are going down the road. As a couple you have more motivation in achieving your goals say it there are two minds working on one goal.

More motivation to be better human:

In young age there are so many distractions for you to fall for they might not always be good,say it drugs bad company etc. . When you are married mostly people are so motivated to be a good person so that other person in your relationship feels good about you. Married life mostly keeps your life focused and on track with leads to minimal distractions.

More responsible:

Married early also makes you more responsible. From very early age you have to take charge of your life and be more mature and responsible person altogether.

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Drawbacks of early marriage:

Financial Stability:financial stability

Its very difficult and troublesome to attain financial stability because mostly your are not done with your degree yet and you don’t have the job. In marriage you have to become financially stable for two people and at early age this is a very tough job.

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Medical complications:

Early age pregnancy can be much more complicated as the body is still developing. ratio of abortions and miscarriages is much higher. this might put you at medical risk at some point.

Pressure to have kids:

When married every couple faces the first and foremost pressure to have kids right after their marriage especially in asian countries. But with kids comes huge responsibilities you have to provide food ,you should have a proper space to live in, clothes, school fees. At early age this much financial stability is very difficult to achieve and hence results in increase in poverty.


When you fall in love with someone you better think of all the pros and cons then jump into marriage. always consult your adults . engagement or nikkah is much better option before jumping into marriage straight away. this way better planned life will be possible. Nikah brings many blessings from Allah. It is preferable way in Islam. Nikah is sunnah. Marriage is not a fairytale all the time it requires more responsibility and dedication.

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