Baby care tips for new moms

Baby CareTips for New Moms

Babies need to be treated with care especially when they are having a bath. They are not like us rough and tough. They can’t handle someone holding them roughly. This article is all about baby care tips for new moms that will help their baby soothe and take a relaxed bath time which mommy and baby both enjoy. There is very less help for new mommy’s no proper guide.In this article we will talk about baby care tips for the new moms.

Babies are the most adorable and fragile creatures.They surely need to be handled with care. Sadly no manual or guide is available for thepoor overwhelmed and stressed new moms. No matter how much you research ,you learn your own things with your own experiences.

Correct bathing techniques for new moms

Correct bathing techniques are very crucial for your little bundle of joy. Bathing is the number one step when you hold a new baby. You get to clean the new baby that is just born. When bathing your child you should be very careful, vigilant and you should know what you are doing. Mostly the first bath is given by the nurses but still you get to give the little angel. Everyone is very conscious while giving babies bath. Yet incidents do happen. To prohibit those you have to be prepapred for it.

Bathing a new born is a challenging task. Handling a little body is very tricky. Their bodies are not fully developed and they can’t hold themselves still.

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Here is a checklist which is the step number 1 on your list:

Checklist before the bath for new moms:

Arrange all the stuff that is required for the baby bath.

Baby clothes

Towelbaby bath list

Diaper (Take the diaper out of the pack so that it comes in handy right after bathing them)


Baby oil(Moisturize the skin before and after the bath also babies smells good)

Baby lotion

Cap(To avoid cold on the head)

Baby Cologne

Socks and baby shoes

And also decide according to weather if there is cold weather in your area keep warm clothes as baby will feel colder after bathing.

Before bathigng a child you must have these things on your sink before taking the baby to bath.

  1. Bath towel should be placed write next to where the baby is taking bath.
  2. Keep body wash on the nearest place with the sink. so that you don’t have to move your hand far away from the kid.
  3. Take only Baby wash for kids because normal soap will dry their new skin.
  4. Check the water temperature. Fill in the sink and put the stopper underneath the sink to ensure that the water will not burn the tiny ones soft sking and alsothe water should not be cold other wise tons of diseases will come your way.
  5. Wear proper slippers. You have to make sure your foot doesn’t slip .Many cases have been reported where the mother fell due to slippery slippers and the baby and mommy both got hurt.

Baby Bath Chair (Tips for new moms):

Variety of bathing methods are there but I will recommend you the easiest which I fallow.

Have a baby bath chair. They are not that expensive. Take a small seat to sit so that you both are on the same level.

This will reduce the risk of baby falling or slipping as you will have both hands free. You can use both hands freely. This chair will also make the baby feel more comfortable and the water will pass through it. you can easily rub the babys skin with both hands.

Tips for new moms

Warm the room and washroom:Temperature control is very important as your little baby has low immunity initially. So make sure he doesn’t catch cold.

Caution: make sure the room is not too hot or cause suffocation to you and you baby.

Prepare all the clothes for your baby before hand as the baby can cath cold even in summers if the temperature is not perfect. Wrap him in clothes right after giving him successfull bath.

Before hand prepare all the clothes of the baby so pay full attention to the baby dressing up.

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