Aurat March in Pakistan 2020

Every year women across the globe celebrate women’s day on March 8. People celebrate this day to create awareness and spread the word about the basic rights of women. Problems they are facing and the issues that are not addressed very often are highlighted on this day.

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In Pakistan the civil society organises Aurat March each year to give the women a chance to speak for themselves. the main purpose is to create awareness on what’s really happening with women in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing country and so is the society and norms are underdevelopment. Women around the world are considered as a second grade citizen. In the developing countries conditions are even worse. Men being the superior side usually undermine the basic living rights.

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Join us as we perform this anthem against rape on March 8 2020.Lend your voice in solidarity with survivors. Lend your voice in anger to say, "Never Again". We know who the rapists are. We will not allow rape to go unpunished. We will not tolerate a culture that enables rapists.We are not victims. We are not helpless. United, our power is enough.ہم بےیار و مددگار نہیں ہیں۰اپنی حفا ظت کرنا جانتے ہیں۰ریپ۔ابھی نہیں۔ کبھی نہیںہم جانتے ہیں ریپسٹ کون ہیںمجرم اور قاتل کون ہیںہم انہیں سزا دلوا کر رہیں گےانصاف کے دروازے کھولیں گےہم سب مل کر آواز اُٹھائیں گےہم بے یار و مددگار نہیں ہیںہمارا اتحاد ہماری طاقت ہےآؤ بڑھ کر ہمارا ساتھ دو#AuratMarch2020

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Many women across the country march for equality, independence and justice. Women in Pakistan are the ones deprived of their fundamental right of living in many instances. They are raped, killed on the name of honor, harassed both sexually and mentally. They are the suppressed ones.

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Harassment At Workplace

In majority of cases if they decide to speak for the injustice there is no one to listen to on the first place. If they somehow manage to speak they are threatened to lose the job,to leave the workplace. their should be Equality at the workplace both should be equally safe. Both men and women

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Domestic Violence:

If they face domestic violence then there’s a fair chance divorce if married. If the man is cheating on her wife he will torture the women so that she runs away on her own which will result in khula and they will be free from paying Haq Mehar. The women will have to lose her children or if she gets her children she will bear their expenses on her own.

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Sexual Harassment:

If they are young and unmarried they fear their parents might not listen to them. Mostly the mother asks them to stay quiet for their own betterment, else no one will marry her if this gets public. Her character will become questionable. The reputation of the entire family will be mallafied as if its their fault. The culprit will do all that is in his power to stop the girl and her family from speaking up. Justice system has so many glitches that probability of winning the case if reported is negligible. Many little girls fall prey to the human looking animal in our society and get away with it.

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Acid Attacks:

Acid attacks usually happen express frustration and revenge. If a girl refuses his proposal then they throw acid on her face to ensure no one else takes her.

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The bitter truth is that men are very reluctant in giving basic rights to women. In most of the under developing countries women are facing these issues but in Pakistan these are worse. Pakistani women cannot at any cost come forward and take justice for the injustice that has been done to them. They are being deprived from their basic rights. Some of the empowered women very few of them will gather and bring out Aurat March to create awareness among the society. The men on the larger scale are opposing this campaign and are trying to make this forum controversial. This is the only forum for women where they can express themselves.

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Yet some women take liberty and cross the boundary. This will provide legal grounds to ban Aurat March. We should not at any cost let anybody take advantage of it. Women should remain in the limits that our prophet (S.A.W) has told us. This is an islamic country and we should also respect that. Aurat March is necessary but it has the huge responsibility as they are representing the women of Pakistan.

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