Angrakha frock designs 2022

Angrakha frocks are trending this year. They are both designed for both formal and informal gatherings. Angrakha frocks are preferred both in India and Pakistan. Many renowned celebrities across the border are preferring Angrakha-style dresses. This article is a style inspo for the gorgeous ladies out there who are looking for the latest Angrakha frocks.

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Angrakha style in Formal wear:

In formal wear, Angrakhas are mostly made from embroidered and sequenced pieces of cloth. Almost two normal shirt pieces are used to make fully flared and long Angrakhas. The border of the frock is usually fancy or laced. Laces and different cloth pieces are used in designing a border of Angrakha. When designing a formal Angrakha heavy and fancy tussles are used.

Angrakha 2022

Angrakha is usually tied from the tussles and is not necessarily closed from the front. Pyjamas that are used with Angrakha frocks are mostly churi dar. Churi dar pajamas look very elegant with long frocks.

angrakha frocks 2022

Shoes that are normally worn with Angrkha frocks are khussas. Khussas can be of any design. This complete look will make you look very different and enhances your personality more.

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Angrakha Style in Casual wear:

In casual wear it is really easy to make angrakhas. Simple two-piece either printed or plain cloth is required to achieve the look. Angrakhas in casual wear are low maintenance and easy to handle. In summers they are also very breezy and comfortable.

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Angrakrha in Semi Formal wear:

Angrakhar styled frocks can also be worn at semi-formal events too. Events such as College and University functions. Angrakha shirts and frocks are famous both in Pakistan and India.

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Shoes with Angrakha frock:

Usually khussas are preffered with long Angrakha styled dresses. High pencil heels are also worn at very at very formal events such as weddings.

khussas with solid shalwar kameez

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