All work and no play might make your baby dull

It has long been rightly said that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” .But here let’s not talk about Jack as enough has been said about him, let’s consider the actual problem, which is absolutely not Jack, but YOU. As being that dull “Jack’s” parents… Your busy routine, tough work schedules and obviously loads of household chores which leave u mentally and physically exhausted and with no time to play with your kids is definitely effecting your kids’ abilities and making them boring. Generally speaking, mothers spend more time with the kids than the fathers, especially if they are stay- at- home moms, so for keeping your kids healthy, a mom might want to rethink:

Re prioritize your priorities:

No kid wants a mother who is boring and does work all the day, yet every kid needs a clean home to play in and good food to eat. As a mom you might want to re consider your priorities and ask yourself that what comes first in your life?? Is it making your kid happy at the end of the day? or is it cooking good food all the day, and keeping the home clean at all times which will definitely make your kid healthy, but not necessarily happy (Unless he is a big foodie!!).

There can be three major priorities :

1-Do you want a clean home at all times + feeling of exhaustion+ an unhappy, dull baby

2-OR do you want messy home+ dirty and hungry kids who don’t even feel for playing + an unhappy husband.

3-Your third priority might be a bit less rigid and it should involve things like a clean home, which should NOT necessarily be clean at all times + good and easy to cook food which should NOT involve you staying inside the kitchen for the entire day +loads of time to play with your kid+ a playful happy kid + happy everyone J. This priority hierarchy is certainly quite difficult to achieve but is not entirely impossible.

Be Organized:

At the end of the day every child wants a mother who played with him/ her and he / she can remember those good times. Very few children will remember their mothers by thinking about them as oh yes , she always changed my diapers whenever I needed changing! One way you can do this is by being organized. By playing with kids , I do NOT mean that you should NOT do any work at home but rather you should be organized by doing the work while your kid is sleeping or busy with someone else.

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Setting time aside for playing:

You should leave some days in a week or in a month just for playing with your kids . Don’t do any work that day and DON’T blame yourself for taking a day off, you actually deserve it. You can take your kids outside or just play with them indoors, whatever they like and count that day as your kid and your “play day”. This will keep your baby playful and energetic.

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