7 common problems that a Middle Child has to face

 Problems of being a middle child

problems of childernBeing a middlechild comes with its own set of perks and disadvantages, though at times these disadvantages outweigh the benefits .Extensive research has shown that this infact is true and the middle children usually lack the parental attention that generally the eldest receives or the parental nurturance that the youngest one gets, thus becoming the victims of middle child syndrome (which actually isn’t even a real thing!!). Here are 7 common problems that a Middle Child has to face


Well, on a lighter note, many of these struggles fall under the category ofnot-so-serious disappointments, the kind of things at which we will probably laugh, once we grow old 🙂

So here’s a list of such not- so- serious yet still upsetting struggles that generally every middle child has to go through:


  • The middle child usually doesn’t fit in

Yeah , sadly we just don’t!! .. We are not part of the upper clan whose opinions are valued in the home, neither do we fit in with the junior one as he/she is the baby of the family and nobody else can take their place, thus setting our place as the misfit one.

second child problem

  • We are supposed to respect the eldest but its okay if the youngest does not respect us


As funny as it might sound, but its actually true . We are pressured by our parents the respect the oldest sibling (sometimes , even till the extent of obeying them!) but if the youngest one doesn’t show us respect then we are pressured even more to “give them time” and “be forgiving” and still should be nice to them..

  • We feel ignored and neglectedMiddle child problems

Well, most of the time.. And we have to try really hard to get noticed or to get heard in the family as all the attention is directed towards the baby or the eldest sibling..

  • We usually have to survive on the hand-me –downs

The younger ones might have to suffer from this misery too but as they are the “spoiled babies” so at the end of the day, they still get whatever they want , but we don’t have much choice other than utilizing whatever we get and being thankful for those un-needed items..

Middle child problems

  • We have some limits

We just can’t get away with everything and sometimes even anything (if we are having those bad days!).. The eldest always have some “legit” excuse for doing what they did and the youngest are the cleverest manipulators and hence can do whatever they please but the truth is that usually the limitations are only applied when you are being a real trouble maker otherwise it doesn’t really matter if you do your thing quietly!

  • You get to hear those “glorious” examples from the life of the eldest sibling

Yes , you continuously have to hear your parents giving you examples about what the eldest did when he/she was your age as they are considered as the most wisest and intelligent ones…

  • You are not allowed to do things until the eldest has experienced them

And sometimes even after that you are not allowed, if the big one had a bad experience !

For instance,
Look at her (Your eldest sibling) we bought her a new phone and she is busy with it the whole day so we are not making the same mistake twice…

Middle child problems

Though the list might be a bit tragic, but i am sure we middle ones still wouldn’t want to trade places with any other sibling, because at the end we do enjoy relating to those memes, made specially for us 🙂

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