3G & 4G in Pakistan : 41 Million Mark Crossed

3G & 4G subscribers in Pakistan

The number of 3G & 4G subscribers in Pakistan has crossed 41 Million mark in May 2017 as per latest stats shared by PTA.  Since July 16 approximately 1 Million subscribers are being added each month which is a positive sign for telecom industry.

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According to the stats ZONG is leading the show with almost 3.8 Million 4G subscribers while Jazz (PMCL) has the most 3G subscribers with figure around 12.5 Million.

UFONE on other hand has failed to retain its 3G users with currently 4.8 Million 3G subscribers which were around 5.3 Million in Dec 2016.

As per the facts revealed in Global System Mobile Association (GSMA) report it is expected that around 90 per cent of Pakistani population would have access to 3G networks while 80 per cent of them are estimated to enjoy 4G services by year 2020. However the penetration of smartphone devices and the increase in the number of internet users is only possible by minimizing taxes, and making this technology affordable for the masses.

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