10 Most Populated Cities Of Pakistan

10 most populated cities of PAkistan : Population of the major cities of Pakistan has been released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics recently. According to the report Population of 10 major cities of Pakistan has swollen to 40.9 million with an increase of 74 % in almost 2 decades.

The figure presented in report shows that Karachi lahore and faisalabad are the most populated cities of Pakistan.It is pertinent to note that population of Lahore and Peshawar has increased almost by 100 % since 1998.

Meanwhile most of the parties of Sindh rejected the results

PPP has shown strong reservation and termed the census results unbelieveable.

MQM’s Senator Tahire Mashhadi and MNA Saman Jafri also raised similar questions, saying that census 2017 figures are “manipulated” and a “chunk” of data on Karachi is missing

The results presented in 6th census will be the basis for revising political boundaries, parliamentary seat allocations and finances ahead of national elections, due to be held by the end of 2018.